• Lonny

    Very awesome picture!
    I love the way it was edited. I love black and this one has the features of the darker ones to be in the very fine points of art. Well captured!

  • Sheila

    It’s a very beautiful panorama shot. Good choice too for a black and white subject. It wouldn’t be as much dramatic if it’s colored.

  • Vergie

    Is the photo of oak pond edited? I wish I can go there and see personally this oak pond. When can I see this oak pond by the way?

  • Ron

    Good editing skills. I really like the color black and how it was featured of the darker ones. You captured it very well. I admire and appreciate it a lot. Excellent!

    • Thomas

      Sadly my GPS was not working at the time this photo was taken, so I know that folks will now be asking me over and over again about the location of this pond.

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