April 2017

24 thoughts on “Obsolete

  1. If this computer is still working, you may sell it in an antique store. I am pretty sure someone is so frustrated that he actually threw something in the screen. Scary.

  2. That spot on the screen looks like a straight bullet came through the computer screen. Thanks for this capture Tom.

  3. Wow yes, It’s definitely an opsolet computer. I never thought i would see one of those again.

  4. Wow, this would have been a priceless computer if not damaged. My first time of seeing a computer like this. Good to see

  5. It would have been a fantastic computer if it was not in this condition. It is so nice to see it.

  6. Oh, this is so sad. I hope they kept in a safe area. It can still be displayed even if it no longer works.

  7. Obsolete and broken is more like it. I still appreciate it though. For one we will not have the technology of today if not for this so called OBSOLETE.

  8. It’s really obsolete but it is still appreciated. These obsolete in things have brought about the technology we have today

  9. Probably this old computer was shot by a bullet. I would still keep it and display this at home.

  10. Well, the screen clearly looks broken. But maybe it can still function normally if the screen has been fixed.

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