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August 2017

25 thoughts on “Off To Never Never Land

  1. Cars is one of the most important thing for a human being. I do hope this van served its purpose, whatever it maybe.

  2. This is definitely a psychedelic car reminiscent of fantasy stories. Love to go for a joy ride in this bad boy.

  3. I always see this kind of van in movies. This is such on old one and for sure it has a has a lot of story to tell, if only it could talk.

  4. What an old rickety car. Oh!, I can understand why it is off to never land, because it can never be used again.

  5. With the kind of car I’m seeing in this shot, it must be to a never never land . Safe journey mate.

  6. Hmmm, really not worth it anymore. Just leave it there … or take the steering wheel, you can take it home for a collection. 🙂

  7. Sadly though I do not think anyone will go off anywhere with that ha ha. If it were me I will put this under the ocean. At least fish can make a home out of it. Never the less this car is done for the day.

  8. A place where one never gets old. This is probably a dream many of us had at one point. I do think that being young at heart, at least, makes us young forever. We should never ever let go of that childlike wonder so that our adulthood wouldn’t be so boring and gray.

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