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Old Fire Tower

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23 responses to “Old Fire Tower”

  1. Wicked shot!! It kind of reminds me of a Tim Burton movie for some reason. The lighting and green atmosphere are great. Thanks for sharing.

  2. You’ve got to love the composition of the image. It’s eerie and can send shivers down the spine. Yet there’s also something about the picture that is as beautiful as any other image.

  3. I love this kinds of photos it is very satisfying for the eyes. I have been dreaming of capturing great photos but still looks normal. This one looks simple but it looks dramatic and great. Fire towers are for our safety, the photo really amazed my eyes I love this kind of shot.

  4. What a wonderful picture. It capture the vintage view and the view is amazing. Perfect shot of the fire towers.

  5. Good of me to have a look again at a fire tower is been ages I saw an image of it. Good of you to bring back memories.

  6. I don’t really understand what the picture depict..its nice though..but I can’t give it a pass mark

  7. The simplicity and elegance of this photo is wonderful. I love the fact that it also has a hit of loneliness to it. Definitely love your works! Keep it up!

  8. Daunting with its green. If only the tower itself is manifested in a different color, the picture would have a different feel to it.

  9. This is an amazing shot. You capture such a foreboding and lonely feel of this old tower. The lightning background looks surreal.

  10. I love the color of this fire tower. The rule of third has been applied on this photo together with the negative space.

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