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Old Lodge


14 responses to “Old Lodge”

  1. That’s definitely looks an old lodge. You help bring that out by giving it a white and black background. Nice one there.

  2. A lodge in the middle of the forest, it must have been a classic one. The type that you consider for a hike event or an adventure trip.

  3. This must have been left for a long time by the owner. Renovating it will gulped alot of money in future.

  4. It seems like it was such a classical lodge back in the days. A big house in the middle of the forest that’s soo old, it must have been a treasure.

  5. Although its very old and broken it still gives you the feel of a lodge. It must have been one of those very expensive lodges.

  6. Looks like a house in a certain horror movie. I can’t even dare pass the old lodge at night fall.

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