Old Man

April 2020

18 thoughts on “Old Man

  1. This man enjoys the tranquility of not having to think about working, and he also enjoys the environment.

  2. Now this is symbolic. They say no one or nothing can win against time. With that said I will be honest I am afraid of growing old. Then again if I think about it, Life is not beautiful because it last forever but because it has an end. Does it not?

  3. This is definitely about an old man. just like this old tree begins to wither same happened to old men. Winding up to a halt.

  4. Am pretty sure the old one must be getting inspiration from the area. Thanks for this clear output picture.

  5. This is a perfect scene for the old man. Inspiration will keep flowing into his mind. Lovely picture guy

  6. Seems that the old man is having some deep thoughts maybe remembering a love one or happy memories. This photo makes me really sad.

  7. The old man looks so calm and content in his tiny spot in this picture. I wish to be at peace with myself so much like this someday.

  8. The old tree looks like its getting its root from the cloudy sky. Lovely concept, I love the white and black effect used

  9. Wow this picture looks perfect like a painting. It could be on the cover page page of a poems book.

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