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Old Mining Town House


18 responses to “Old Mining Town House”

  1. The pic of the house looks of a place in between the woods. And, the house has so many big windows that is probably the old model of construction.

  2. An old looking minning place. I’m sure good money from once made from here. Nice photo still

  3. I wonder who lived there before. I love seeing pictures of old houses. It can tell a lot of stories.

  4. Your black edit for this photo gave it a unique look. It has that pld minning house feature mere looking at it.

  5. seems that no one lives here but the way in which this house is built looks like it was a dream of someone.

  6. What could have caused such extensive damage to the house? It looks like the aftermath of a bomb.

  7. I’m guessing the mining stopped a long time ago. Otherwise the house would still have people living in it.

  8. The thing with mining is that it’s never sustainable. At some point the deposits run out and the town has to be abandoned.

  9. I can imagine what the house might have looked like while it was still new. It was a nice house.

  10. This gives me the creeps. I imagine that a ghost would be staring at me in the middle of the night, trying to scare and haunt me. Thanks for sharing the pic though!

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