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Old Red Chair

Old Red Chair


13 responses to “Old Red Chair”

  1. It looks like my granny’s old red chair where she used to sit and knit. That photo brings back many memories.

  2. This is freaking black and white not red ha ha. Anyway this is a chair that we have in our class. Old type yes but it will always be dependable. A good furniture to always use.

  3. The black and White view of the photograph doesn’t let one know the exact color. This is a brilliantly taken photo.

  4. This shot looks scary, the thing that is placed in the chair looks like a whip or something. I maybe wrong but this picture is like portraying a torture device.

  5. Even by just looking at the design of the chair you know it’s old school. We used to have one like this.

  6. Are you kidding right now, where is the old red chair? No one will believe that’s red because of the wonderful effect

  7. It looks like someone just abandoned this chair here. But it has withstood the hot sun and although old it’s still in good shape.

  8. This old type chair remembers me of my aunt. She would always have her favorite chair but colored green tho. She used to sit with it with a matching mini table when she’s having a coffee and read her favorite pocket books.

  9. This might be a red old chair but the effect used has changed the colour. Is that a coiled wire on the chair??

  10. The way the chair is positioned looks very defiant. Great black and white pic. Thanks for sharing.

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