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Old Shack

Old Shack

March 2013

20 responses to “Old Shack”

  1. Is it just me or the house is missing a good chunk of its wall? In any case this should be renovated for future use if not then tear it down. Old houses poses actual danger to those around it.

  2. Snow, wooden house without fence. Are you thinking what I am thinking…….much cold if burner is not available.

  3. This looks like a gateway of getting really cold. But I like the background of the photo. It’s really nice

  4. I love small places, they always make me think of a shelter to escape from the world. like the bunny hole when the predator is chasing it.

  5. IS it just me or the shack looks like from the movie, Cabin in the woods. I should stop watching horror movies. The picture gives me the creeps.

  6. This shack isn’t pleasing to the eyes. the photo isn’t all that but you still did well capturing it for our viewing pleasure. well done

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