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Old Train Cars Of Pennsylvania

October 2008

18 responses to “Old Train Cars Of Pennsylvania”

  1. It seems a very old train. And, I guess it would be used mostly for the transportation of carriage.

  2. It seems it mostly old train that is available now. I only see them old these days here yours isa reminder

  3. I love how a picture of a train reminds me of my younger years. Our house was near an old train station before. Thanks for this lovely photo.

  4. What a cranky old looking train. This seems to too bad for any repairs. I’m sure this was abandoned because of its looks

  5. I think these train cars should be put in a museum. They are a very important part of history.

  6. I wonder what the train cars were used for. They were definitely not for carrying passengers.

  7. Do people still use these kinds of train cars? or are they just for display purposes? Even so, they seem pretty cool. I would like to see them for real.

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