• jolly555

    Are these dumped automobile but there still look usable if put to good use again. The color effect beautify the photo too.

  • esgyll

    Memories of bygone days when it used to be THE car everyone wanted to have and drive on the road. These cars have served their owners pretty well and are now resting in the grass, looking for new owners who may have need of them yet. Anyway, I like the overall color tone here, makes me think of old photographs in an album befitting their nature as subjects seemingly lost in time.

  • Wilson Jake

    These are mobile people spend fortune on to get. See as abandoned as they look now. Meaning life moves ….thanks for sharing Tom, lots of meaning from this beautiful picture

  • Danielle M

    This is one of my my favorite picrures. They look very classic and still beautiful even now that they are dying slowly.

  • Kurt

    These vintage cars are old but they are far more dependable than the newer models in my opinion. These days it all depends on gear but these depend on function. I Would pick the latter to be honest.

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