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Oliver H. Van Horn

Oliver H. Van Horn

December 2019


18 responses to “Oliver H. Van Horn”

  1. This is a nice floor mat and also the design. I would love to have that one too. Nice shot. Really love the colors.

  2. An entrance to a club or theater? In any case it is a lovely shot. Makes me wanna look what is inside. That mat is wow.

  3. Foot mat of a popular company Oliver H.Van Horn, guess the owner of this abandoned place once worked there. Nice cool picture

  4. Hmm a rather upfront way of announcing your property, if you are Mr. Oliver H. Van Horn (and if that is his property). Mailmen will have no worries looking for his place, or just about anyone.

  5. It makes me think that this place is preserved as a relic, because I imagine it was the first place or factory where Oliver H Van Horn started manufacturing machinery.

  6. I think that this place is preserved as a historical monument, I imagine it was the first place of manufacture, where I started the manufacture of machinery Oliver H Van Horn.

  7. I want my name written like that in front of my apartment. It’s got a real epic, gangster feel.

  8. Makes me curious about “Oliver H. Van Horn” by searching through Google. In the picture, it seems to be poorly maintained with such conditions.

  9. Be curious to know where this photo was taken. I currently work for Oliver H. Van Horn. They have been in business since 1903 with multiple locations in Louisiana, as well as other states. OVH, as we call it, started in New Orleans, LA.

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