September 2018

18 thoughts on “One, Two, Three, Four

  1. You know what is weird? It is these types of flowers that are perfect for HE LOVES ME HE LOVES ME NOT GAME he he. I use to pick one and play it back in my younger days. This is so nostalgic.

  2. I love pictures of nature. Whether it be living or non-living thing as long as they are in their natural habitat. Great pic by the way blurring out the back and focusing on the front.

  3. Once again, you bring life and excitement to exotic flowers. You’re great at finding uplifting nature photos. Thanks for sharing.

  4. I remember picking up some flowers similar to this when I was a little girl. This brings back such good childhood memories.

  5. Flowers so colorful and a delight to the eyes. This color will so attract butterflies to them. I love their looks.

  6. I’m ever in love with the color of the flowers. It is even spectacular when they are many in the field.Good photograph anyway.

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