17 thoughts on “One Way Or Another

  1. Yea, I will choose the better way. Good it has two ways at least there’s an option. you shot this one better.

  2. What a caption…how do you always stumble on abandoned houses…you love taking pictures of buildings that are in disrepair..

  3. How disastrous can this be. Poor abandoned house. I’d better choose the door that’s already open though.

  4. I’m not sure about whats waiting i the other door or if the floor is walkable. It looks like the place is about to fall down.

  5. Two bad road to a destination I will rather go with the lesser evil, one that is still better. Nice shot still.

  6. What is up with you and collapsing buildings???If you find beauty in it that’s ok. Im just intrigued. You often cover this after all.

  7. This seems like a door between a connecting room and a common walk-in closet. Or I guess a shared bathroom?

  8. In life there are always decisions to make, two ways to take. The prayer is to always make the right decision and take the tight path. Loving the pic and the reasoning behind it.

  9. Hmm this seems like a dilemma both doors are not in good condition but you must choose one or the other. Personally i would go with the one still intact looks more promising.

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