One Who Can't Move

June 2019

18 thoughts on “One Who Can’t Move

  1. Yeah, no one can move or escape from such a lock. Its only grace that can lead one out of such locked door. Love the message in this photography.

  2. I like a lot this picture ’cause it’s enigmatic. It looks like an old door hiding a special secret.

  3. I’d be very careful if I ever came across such a door. There’s no telling what is inside.

  4. I feel like some terrorist is locked up in there. I’m envisioning this cold chamber room with this huge gargantuan covered in chains banging his head against the wall. There’s lots of allure to this photo and it’s very open to interpretation.

  5. Definitely this is a door leading to underground place of some small storage. It’s soo glued together with the metal bars.

  6. Great picture although I don’t see the correlation between the picture and the title but the picture is nice

  7. Yes this structure I’m seeing might not be easily moved. You captured this right though because it is sharp and bright.

  8. This door is do glued to the wall and I believe removing it will be a huge problem. Nice shot.

  9. Our door also has three locks but they are not as big as these. I mean this is kind of hard to break from outside.

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