Only The Moon Understands The Beauty Of Love

The last remaining hours of the year slowly ticked by as I watched the New Years Eve special on television, live from my home town of New York City. It seems that the winter, cold and bitter, and drearily silent, gives reason for one to think about the year, as once again one starts to draw picture-perfect maps of how their life and love will be for the year to come.

I held Amelia through the night in such a way where only the moon understands the beauty of love. We gazed into each other’s eyes in the realization that I can still be who I need to be, the person I said I was, when I first met her.

In the morning when I woke, Amelia was still sleeping when I got out of bed to start my morning ritual by checking my email. Amelia rolled over and I immediately noticed that her pajamas were on backwards and inside out. It’s the little things in the morning that I look forward to, and it seems that everything Amelia does, even unintentionally, makes me fall in love with her each and every day.

Outside the sky was filled with a cold Vermont fog which covered the rolling field behind our house, and gracefully shrouded the mountain that sits on the back edge of our property. I feel a need to remind myself never to take these things for granted, and to try to hold onto these tender moments as they pass.

January 1, 2022


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