October 2017

12 thoughts on “Otsinigo Park

  1. Beautiful place of relaxation. Everywhere is just green and natural. I just love the view of this photo.

  2. I have never heard of the ostinigo park before but I love what I see in the photograph.. Good shot

  3. I love to visit such parks that are surrounded by lots of green trees and green grass. Somewhere I can lay down and just relax as i observe the nature.

  4. A park good enough for both singles and family. Nothing relaxes and refreshes the mind as a vacation in a jolly place of this nature.

  5. This name sounds familiar but I cant trace where the place is. All in all I love the green scene all over. Its perfect for relaxation.

  6. I hope there’s a place like this near in my area. Unfortunately if there is something like this around my vicinity it means someone is owning that land.

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