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Out For A Walk

Out For A Walk

February 2020

16 responses to “Out For A Walk”

  1. Cute pickle posing for the camera. So intelligent dog. I love the concept and the lightening is perfect

  2. The quintessential “hot dog” has finally decided to take a stroll. What surprised me the most is this pooch somehow managed to strike an enviable pose.

  3. That’s one cute pup! I’ll bet this dog gets anything from it’s owner when striking that pose.

  4. That’s a very cute dog. Dogs deserve a walk to boost their energy and relieve their stress. They should be treated like humans too.

  5. Excellent company, faithful friend of man, serves as a good company to go outdoors jogging while they hunt.

  6. This is just me, I love to take my pets for a walk and the love it too. So we enjoy the walkout daily

  7. Oh! I love dogs, and this one is so cute. It sure knows how slay in front of the camera. A very nice shot indeed.

  8. If you want to start taking dogs for a walk every day, you have to be motivated and make it a habit. Because it seems like something fun and healthy, not only for dogs but also for their owners.

  9. I love pretty and cute pickles. Its gonna make my walk very smart. The shot just looks like you spoke to this pickle that the shot is ready to be taken.

  10. This dog just made my day, posing for the camera. Lovely dog, I will love to own one some day. Thanks for sharing Toms

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