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Out Of The Fog (Black & White Edit)

April 2017

Out Of The Fog

18 responses to “Out Of The Fog (Black & White Edit)”

  1. Looks like a creepy wooden castle abandoned. Lovely colour effect, nice caption of the tree and sky.

  2. Weird looking house, it looks if it has been stuck somewhere but the black and white edit makes it look unique.

  3. Old and abandoned wooden house. Weeds has taken over the structure. I am sure creeping creatures will also be inside. Cool output.

  4. This house definitely looked lovely when it was new. Unfortunately this is the fate that awaits everything on earth 🙁

  5. This cabin is in need of some serious renovation. I believe it can still be given a new lease of life!

  6. I can picture this as a scene in a horror movie. The eerie atmosphere would be perfect for a horror movie.

  7. Looks like the house was burnt but it didn’t burn to completion. Great shot as usual Thomas.

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