September 2015

29 thoughts on “Parrot Close-Up (Edit)

  1. I love parrots one for their talking ways and another because of their beautiful colors. They always look smart and colorful.

  2. That’s a lovely parrot I must say. The cloud in the background brought out the colours of the parrot, which makes it a bold frame.

  3. I must remark that it is a wonderful parrot. I like parrots due to their awesome colours.

  4. Well, parrots can attract the attention of many people with the brilliant colors they have. Moreover, they can be trained to imitate sounds.

  5. A nice shot parrot, you made the photo looks very clean and smart. Nice photography work.

  6. Wow, this parrot looks perfect. The colors are beautiful, that’s why they’re so attractive.

  7. This shot must have taken some serious timing. You captured it at just the right time!

  8. I’m always fascinated by parrots. When I was a kid, I play with my speaking toy parrot. Nice shot. Love the colors.

  9. Wow this is is good almost lifelike. That said I have never seen a real one before. Perhaps this is the closest to it. I love it.

  10. Well, Thomas is this a real image or a drawing? I have always love to own a parrot but the fact that they atimes talk too much disturbs me

  11. So colourful parrot, looks like it’s a very old one. Very great close shot, I love it. Thanks for sharing

  12. I am always amazed of how beautiful the colors of a parrot are. This is a very good close up shot. Nice work!

  13. Is it me or does the parrot looks like it is breathing. I do not know how you did it but my wife agrees with me. Can i copy this picture? I would like to use this to teach my daughter about birds.

  14. I am constantly flabbergasted at how wonderful the shades of a parrot are. This is a generally excellent close end result. Decent work!

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