• miakayuuki2012

    We all have experience how it is and feels to wait may it be for someone or something. Usually we do it on a staircase because it is the lowest level to any home. At the end of the day may it be a structure or simply praying or hoping, waiting is a part of life.

  • brainedet

    I believe the waiting and patience is about cleaning up the house. I hope it would take longer than necessary to get this done.

  • esgyll

    The wood is sturdy enough to stand the test of time. But it looks like it waited too long for a fresh coat of paint to spruce it up a bit and the building/house is now in ruins.

  • Oyeyipo Oladele

    The building looks so unkept. Its really patiently waiting for someone to come clean it for better. Nice photography work. Thanks for the post.

  • Rae

    Amazing shot as always! I wish these abandoned houses get love and affection. I would love to explore these abandoned houses someday and clean them.

  • Lisa Pellegrene

    That home looks to be a bit of a danger to explore perhaps! I very much would love to see a project, which of course would be immense, where many abandoned (once beautiful homes, resorts etc) would be evaluated to be restored. I feel that investors and developers should focus on this and getting many of them (as applicable) on the National Historic Registry! I have the paperwork for that should anyone stumble across a home or property which could qualify to be on the National Historic Registry, sometimes this can lead to grants/financial support.

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