December 2014

21 thoughts on “Peace Wagon

  1. This wagon got me laughing out loud, really looked like a creative art. Really looks line a small child painting.

  2. This is a good artwork, did you by anyway carve this out. It is really colorful and makes the creator a creative house. Well done

  3. Hippie van? That van looks suspicious but pretty. I wander how many puffs were done inside that van.

  4. You should pimp that van for it to be serviceable again. A good paint job for starters. Damn I miss old school stuff ha ha. .

  5. This is really cool and unique. It shows not too seriousness and no one will not feel happy seeing this van.

  6. The owners of this car must be very creative and risky, they do not care what others think and that is fine.

  7. The car could use a new paint job. Unfortunately that would remove its lovely message of peace and love.

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