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Pearl Street

October 2020

24 responses to “Pearl Street”

  1. Pearl street is a place have been wising to visit soonest. I love this picture for its so colorful.

  2. The road looks really amazing like it really decorated with pearl truely. The lady in the photo looks cute too.

  3. Where is this? It is rare that the model is male but that is okay This made this more manly. This street looks very promising and beautiful.

  4. I first expected just a picture of Pearl Street. I did not even notice the street at first. I guess the girl is going skateboard her way out afterwards.

  5. Is this place usually visited by tourists? if not, they should. I have been to this place, I really enjoyed the scenery and the ambience.

  6. All I can see is that lovely lady with the skating board, it’s a great street behind. Lovely and cool picture. Just perfect

  7. She looks like she is on a mission with that confident pose. The skateboard adds edge to it and opens up possibilities for excitement.

  8. I do not know this famous street, but it must be well known by all the people of the place, I imagine that walking on it must be quite quiet.

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