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Peeking Kitty

Peeking Kitty

April 2020

18 responses to “Peeking Kitty”

  1. What a beautiful cat, regardless of gender, the most beautiful thing is that in the photograph, the cat is left with one eye open and another closed.

  2. Is it just only the shot, or there’s a problem with the cat’s eyes? Nonetheless, great photo.

  3. Kitty also observing self isolation I guess . Lovely picture, I love the effect, the cat really looks bored.

  4. Hello pretty, I love that post. I love cat, my cat is called Tom funny right? Named it after you

  5. Whaoo, animals too know about this covid19 stuff and now keep to the social distancing rule. Nice photography work Tom.

  6. Beautiful shot Tom, I ove cats and this black, this black and white picture is one of my favorites.

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