Peeling Walls Of America

June 2019

12 thoughts on “Peeling Walls Of America

  1. Is it an abandoned school building? The colors of the walls reminded me of my school though.

  2. This is something I don’t want to venture into in the middle of the night as peeling paint off walls are just staples of classic horror movies like in the Silent Hill adaptation. It looks as if that despite the sturdy looking steps, there’s something sinister waiting in the upper floors.

    1. There wasn’t anything upstairs except enormous empty rooms and a maze of long corridors leading to more enormous empty rooms. I spent almost the entire day here.

  3. This wall is an eyesore… a little painting would have lifted the face of the building..nice shot

  4. I didn’t think that there is such place in America. I always dreamed of beautiful place in such country.

  5. Really gritty, gnarly feel to this pic. I like that the colors match the American flag.

  6. This was a right caption for this. I don’t a peeled wall though. But it still a good shot by you.

  7. This is not appealing to the eyes at all. I begin to wonder if this is a deliberate act or nature just take it course. Good of you to still snap this.

  8. Woow, I would be terrified to log in, I can’t stop thinking the place coulfell down at any time.

  9. I don’t know why but I feel icky whenever I see peeling walls. They just seem so disgusting to me. Anyways, the shot is amazing and despite what I said, I still like it!

  10. I would be scared to walk along such stairs, as I don’t know where they are leading to. So much time must have worked on this building for it to look so.

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