Railroad Museum of Pennsylvania

October 2017

14 thoughts on “Pennsylvania 460

  1. The railroad shot looks magnificent and the angle the shot was taken really added to the uniqueness to the photo. I like the combinations of color.

  2. Wow I would love to visit this place someday. I know bullet trains are a thing now but going old school once in a while is not bad. This is history right here.

  3. This is definitely among classic shots, I believe it as old as we can think of. I like to see classic photos to remisence about.

  4. Always love train. And since my country quite famous with its traffic jam, train or commuter really helps.

  5. Wow..never heard of a railroad museum before.. This is lovely..I wish we can have this type of museum in my country..Nice photo

  6. I never know that there is a rail museum in Pennsylvania. I heard only about museums related to Aircrafts there. Thanks for the nice image.

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