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Pennsylvania Dutch Bird Houses

Pennsylvania-Dutch-Bird Houses

April 2015

23 responses to “Pennsylvania Dutch Bird Houses”

  1. I have never seen a bird house before..this is so cool..I’m pretty sure the birds will feel blessed

  2. This is creativity to me. How will the birds identify their own abode. This picture is so colorful.

  3. This has pretty colors, it will really be cool for birds. I know they all will be attracted and will love to live in there.

  4. This is how the community of the birds should look like. So colourful and peaceful. I can imagine how melodious their song will be early in the morning

  5. Bird houses look so much better than bird cages. In my opinion birds should never be kept in cages.

  6. it indeed beautiful. Although I would rather use these as a temporary shelter and not a long time deal. I always remember what my dad said before. If I were a bird would I want to be locked up???NO. Although I believe that this is similar to a DOG HOUSE than it is a cage.

  7. It is quite unusual to see traditional bird houses today. The image which Tom shared sure is a wonderful way to bring back fond memories of wooden “pet” homes.

  8. There are people who are compulsory accumulators, but I like this place because in these little houses they can take refuge and live many birds.

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