Pennsylvania Wildflower

July 2019

12 thoughts on “Pennsylvania Wildflower

  1. The beauty this flower projects is outstanding. Such a pretty pink and stunning delicacy.

  2. The flower is nice although I have seen more beautiful flower,it doesn’t rule out the fact that the flower looks pretty

  3. I love flowers and there are so beautiful to behold. These colors really brought out the beauty of this flower.

  4. Tom, your photography works all ways get me excited. This is a lovely and beautiful flower. It really signify sharing it caring.

  5. What a cute looking flower. It looks well maintained and cared for. This is like eye candy looking so sweet.

  6. This flower looks so peaceful alone. It lifts up my spirit everytime I see a beautiful picture of a flower.

  7. I wish flower types would be included, For one nobody know what this even is. It looks peaceful though and its very calming. I would never pick it though. To preserve its beauty.

  8. Thank you very much for sharing this photo! Love the artistic and elegance that the photo has. Natural beauty sure is beautiful.

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