• Oyeyipo Oladele

    Nice photography work taken from a perfect angle. The store looks perfect as a general store. Am pretty sure its still within its company environment. Thanks for this clean shot Mr. TOM the great photographer.

  • esgyll

    It really looks like a cute house, if I may be allowed to say so. Is it still in operation? I wonder what they sell there.

  • Rae

    Such a cute little store. If I ever saw this, I would definitely take a photo of it as well! As usual, very cool photo you captured.

  • jolly555

    Could this be a store in an isolated area, can’t seem to see other things going on in that environment. But truthfully, this is a clean shot.

  • miakayuuki2012

    This is good and all but the location is not suitable for a store. It is literally in the middle of nowhere so who would buy here? Is this in a city or what?

  • Femi Logo

    It looks like a house also used as a store and it appears it is the only store in the area. Where all the things needed can be bought.

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