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Pickles, Vintage Style

Pickles, Vintage Style


13 responses to “Pickles, Vintage Style”

  1. Magnificent style! I have always said dogs are the best pets. They are man’s best friends.

  2. The best pet I have ever kept with me is dog. Dogs are friendly when you make them friendly.

  3. Pickles is really comfortable, I know that bed will feel so soft on the skin. Lovely per, its obvious Thomas loves pet☺️

  4. Dogs looks cute and friendly when they are in environment that care for them. That’s what makes pickles always look cute

  5. What a lovely dog subject. He is so handsome in it even in black and white filter.

  6. PIckles the ancestor of modern pickles ha ha. One of the few times that going vintage fits the theme. Good job!!!

  7. Such a really cute and very sweet dog! This really looks like a vintage photograph in a very old photo album.

  8. Wow, such a nice shot of pickles. I really miss my dogs, all of them died of old age. What is really missed from them is their annoying barks in the evening.

  9. This is a cute looking dog, it reminds me of my pinkelee dog that I was so fond of. she just went missing and that was it.

  10. Hello there pickles. This is giving me some doggy vintage vibes. Love the effect!

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