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Piece By Piece

Piece By Piece

September 2019

11 responses to “Piece By Piece”

  1. Is the cabinet about to be taken down? If it is then perhaps because of its age it is the right thing to do. All is not lost though. We can still take its different sections and make something out of it. Breath a new life to an old piece like this.

  2. This looks is a old cabinet, by captioning it piece by piece are you insinuating that this cabinet is going to be dismantle bit by bit??

  3. Awww I’d really would like to rescue this cabinet from becoming in a piece of trash. I think it could get a second chance

  4. It looks like something from a bygone era. I actually love old pieces like these, they really are so much more elegant than the pieces of furniture we have today. It just needs to be restored by an expert on furniture restoration and given new paint, and it will be as good as new.

  5. Getting this refurbished while stop this from falling apart in to pieces. Shot well taken to depict piece by piece caption.

  6. A few touches and I think that could still be a respectable dresser. I’d have to do something about that green stain on the bottom.

  7. The wardrobe looks abandoned and dejected to piece by piece soon. Nice photography work with brilliant colors. thanks Tom for the shot.

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