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Pine Cone (Vintage Grunge Edit)


November 2013

21 responses to “Pine Cone (Vintage Grunge Edit)”

  1. Really cool percolation in this shot. This pic almost makes me sad as if the pine-cone was carried away from its home through the tides. Real quality photo though.

  2. Very beautiful pinecone, the ones in my country look very different. The picture is lovely by the way.

  3. If it was not for the title i would have said it is a wall or bunker? LOL!!! I have never seen a pinecone aside from photos so this is so cool. Where does this grow anyway?

  4. Ehn pinecones really have varieties or is the picture that makes it abit different from what am used to. Lovely output still

  5. We have the plastic pine cones designs in our Christmas tree. Haven’t seen one in person honestly.

  6. Beautiful pinecone, the ones in my nation look totally different. Amazing shot, by the way.

  7. This is very symbolic of the fate that awaits all living things. It is a reminder that we should make the most of our time while we are alive.

  8. You must have a very powerful camera. The level of detail captured here is astounding to say the least.

  9. The blurred out background brings the foreground to good focus. Very nice technique you used there.

  10. I like how professional this shot looks. It’s like a photo straight out of a nature magazine.

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