Pipe Raceway

December 2019

19 thoughts on “Pipe Raceway

  1. Looks very well maintained, and a very well lit area. I wouldn’t want to go through this with all the lights out or I’ll bump into things. All that metal will hurt pretty bad.

  2. Looks like a ship. This cabin is close to the power house because of those pipes. You can’t race with light in this hallway

  3. I would like to know this place, it seems to be inside a submarine or varco, it looks clean and with good paint.

  4. The way is very small. If you are a big size person, for sure, you have to do a lot of adjustment.

  5. Yeah, there are definitely lots of pipes In there. But the way is sort of narrow to race in though but quite neat .

  6. A great piece for a chase sequence I would say. Those Under Seige, Speed 2 kind of Vibe. i just see this often in movies that is why…

  7. Yes that sure looks like a pipe raceway. But I don’t think the crew are allowed to goof around there.

  8. sure, this pipe raceway because I can view s many pipes in there. You did a good job here. keep it up.

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