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Piseco Outlet


September 2016


13 responses to “Piseco Outlet”

  1. This picture is very serene. I love the reflection of the lake and the calmness of the water.

  2. I love the peaceful and calm vibes this gives. Must be nice to look at during sunrise.

  3. This is a nice picture… River looks so peaceful and calm…I love this picture

  4. This water outlet is so beautiful,well nature is one thing that we can always count on its beauty. it gives us magnificent views always.

  5. This will be a good place for my meditation. It very calm and inviting. Spending time near there will be great.

  6. Its such a beautiful picture withe the foreground of the water and the green trees. i would love to just visit the place and relax.

  7. How you captured the water, the trees and the background hills is amazing. Makes the photo look so cute.

  8. How beautiful it is to look at a calm clean water. It compliments the tree around it very well.

  9. This looks like a scene from a movie. It would have been better if taken at a different time of the day so that the lighting is much brighter.

  10. A beautiful outlet I must say. Sorounded with tall green trees, makes the water so clear.

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