August 2018

16 thoughts on “Plant In A Birdcage

  1. This is a rare kind of photo, A plant in a ribcage. This is pleasantly beautiful and it just got me thinking about something new.

  2. This looks very cute as decor. Also anything green inside a home office is sure to relax anyone, plants really have that soothing effect.

  3. I see this trying something different with what it is known for instesi of caging birds, it was rather used to cage a plant. Nice one.

  4. What a cute and lovely birdcage. I would love to have one and display it in my room. Thanks for sharing this!

  5. Wonderfull picture, It’s impressive how my mind always asociate the idea of a birdcage with a lack of freedom. For some reason I know that the plant is not suffering but I’d like to take it out and let it be.

  6. Well, you did capture another phenomena. There are two possibilities here, one, the plant just grew from the cage. Second, the plant was moved in the cage.

  7. I like this photo because it tells us to expect the unexpected. That’s the message of the plant in the birdcage.

  8. This is beautiful although I do not use cages for my plants he he. Well for artistic sense and value I understand why this photo is shot this way.

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