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July 2011

22 responses to “Player”

  1. This is nostalgic, can’t remember the last time I had the opportunity of viewing this. You always have a way with classic photos.

  2. You have a way of bringing back memories with your photos I just remember this record now. Beautiful shot.

  3. This is called old skuul stereo player in Nigeria. I love this shot TOM for it neatness.

  4. I’m surprised the player is enclosed in a wooden box. Things from long ago looked so different.

  5. Such antique players can fetch real good prices in the auction market. I hope you don’t throw this away 🙂

  6. I feel like this player is regurgitated from the underground. It’s still got a stoic look to it though.

  7. I always see this in a horror movie with an old setting. It’s nice to have something vintage.

  8. It’s impressive how well maintained this player is. For its age it sure looks to be in a good condition.

  9. Reminds me of the record player my grandpa had. Sadly nowadays it is almost not available now unless you are a collector. Seeing something old school sure takes me back. Very nostalgic.

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