Please Bring Me My Wine

August 2019

15 thoughts on “Please Bring Me My Wine

  1. this is photo well shot and it has an artistic looks. But I tend to love the caption more as a wine person.

  2. This life here portraits a luxurious one. Imagine one on the bed with a glass of wine. This photograph is pretty cool. Thanks to you TOM.

  3. This bed though looks old can still be enjoyed especially when one is tired. I love well arranged bed like this when I need to really relaxed. good shot you have here.

  4. Oddly enough I can really see this setting for a room service he he. It looks like a cheap hotel but a wine is not that big deal. DEPENDING ON the variant of course. A lady wine would do for me.

  5. wow! Such a cool and comfy bed to relax with your favorite wine. One of the best way to unwind after a hard day.

  6. Looks a very comfortable bed to sleep in. Wide and spacious too. I will not fell off from this bed anymore.

  7. Yes, I would definitely love to be served wine while laying down in that bed. It looks really elegant and very comfy looking, even if the years have managed to wear it down quite a bit.

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