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Pond At Charleston State Forest

Pond At Charleston State Forest

May 2020

28 responses to “Pond At Charleston State Forest”

  1. This looks so natural and lovely to the eyes. I love nature at its best this way. So adorable here.

  2. I wonder why the leaves by the forest is turning brown. This will be a good place to rest.

  3. Just turn this picture upside down and the beauty of this creative concept. This is a masterpiece Thomas

  4. This view is so relaxing to the eyes. This photo is so peaceful. I love it so much.

  5. calm, eerie, peaceful and relaxing. the best place to rest a tired body.

  6. I would love to camp near to this. Feel very relax, peaceful and calm. Nice shot.

  7. Looks really relaxing. Turning the screen upside down, makes it a mirrored view. Lovely output Thomas

  8. This is the perfect place to get rid of stress. A pond surrounded by towering trees, making it look comfortable and peaceful!

  9. I always love seeing nature’s reflection in the water where it’s as if the sky never ends or begins. So much natural beauty to take in between the trees and the calmness of the lake. Thanks for sharing!

  10. The forest’s reflection on the water is a magical sight. You did amazing with the shot too.

  11. I am in love with every single one of your nature shots. This one right here sure isn’t an exception.

  12. This is the best photo I have seen in a while. Many thanks for making this available Tom!

  13. A perfect spot for some lone time/camping. Better bring the tools though because you will never know how nature will act out. THIS IS BREATHE TAKING I will give it that. I don’t suppose I can swim here can I?

  14. I love the view and serenity of the place. The reflection of the trees in the pond and the sky is really worth the shot

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