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September 2017

25 responses to “Popcorn”

  1. What brought this popcorn van here, it most have been before the trees are grown. This brings a memories of an old man selling popcorn in his old van years ago ☺️

  2. Another abandoned truck. I sure hope happy things occurred inside this truck, if not this will make a great horror story

  3. Just thinking out loud, why and how did this popcorn vehicle end up here. Anyways, there is beauty in the output. Looks really scary a little

  4. Wow , it’s like if the land was gonna eat the whole truck.. I’ts amazing what nature can do.

  5. Looks like one of the carts from Jurassic Park. Great outdoor shot! I love how the rough exterior of the van matches the wilderness.

  6. An abandoned one again. I’m sure great memories has been shared with the wholw trips before. Nice shot!

  7. Wow, beautifully captured old truck. I can’t imagine how old this truck can be. For how it looks, It’s pretty obvious it’s old. I wonder what history this vehicle have.

  8. This is very far when you think of POPCORN is it not? Then again this truck looks like it has already pop its years a while ago. I am getting hungry thinking about it honestly.

  9. An old popcorn vehicle. I hope this can be restored and eventually operate back again.

  10. I like popcorn, a loyal friend to watch a favorite movie. It really looks very old and can’t be used anymore.

  11. I think that this vehicle can be utilised for some other purpose. It can be used as a scrap metal.

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