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Portrait Of A Tree

Portrait Of A Tree

October 2019

14 responses to “Portrait Of A Tree”

  1. Seems like this picture was taken in a desert. Nice capture, looks easy but has a professional touch

  2. That is a very unusual tree right there. Not only it is not as bulky as the common types but it looks like it is posing for something. Perhaps it is just me.

  3. Not so fertile a tree but your color effects has given it an artistic looks. It is just good for a portrait.

  4. It looks like that tree went through some rough times. But despite it all, it is still alive. Nature and life really finds a way no matter what happens. Very powerful shot.

  5. Looks like a dark fairy tale kind of tree. I feel bad for it because it’s all alone and shedding leaves. I would love to plant some more trees next to it and make sure they’re all well kept.

  6. Nice tree with meaningful branches. The cloud makes the picture quality a matured one. This only can be done by a professional like Mr. Tom. Thanks for this picture.

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