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Portrait Of Bailey

July 2018



13 responses to “Portrait Of Bailey”

  1. Wow such a lovely photo. It brings out the personality of the cat very well. Great shot.

  2. There is something about cats that makes me just love them. Maybe it’s because of their innocent love face. Like this one.

  3. Majestic cat queen, or is it king? Knows how to make a person stop what he or she is doing and stare at all that glory.

  4. Bailey looks so adorable. I just love cats! Thank you for sharing a cute picture of Bailey!

  5. I love the way you focused entirely on the face of this beauty of a cat. It brings out its cute nature in a magical way.

  6. Lovely shot. I love small cute animals like this. It always remain me of my cute molly.

  7. Quality picture. You can really get lost in Bailey’s eyes. Black and white’s very suiting as well.

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