• Maury Cheskes

    This photo has got so many different stylistic elements. The graffiti, black and white and well defined translucence make it very memorable and stand apart.

  • Anyi Lizeth

    This building intrigues me a lot, it looks like an aparathotel, but I don’t know why it is in that unfortunate state.

  • Wilson Jake

    Looks like a ghetto building which has been abandoned. The black and white effect is perfect for this piece. Beautiful

  • brainedet

    Just trying to guess what when went on here. The black and white effect suited it. It turns out classic

  • Prince

    All windows and entrance closed, making it a dark room. Lovely concept and the effect make it look weird

  • esgyll

    How is it that black and white pictures just make every subject look so dramatic? The addition of the graffiti makes everything even more mysterious. Like, I wonder what the building was before being becoming like this in the present kind of thing.

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