Post Modern Sleaze

February 2020

13 thoughts on “Post Modern Sleaze

  1. This photo has got so many different stylistic elements. The graffiti, black and white and well defined translucence make it very memorable and stand apart.

  2. This building intrigues me a lot, it looks like an aparathotel, but I don’t know why it is in that unfortunate state.

  3. Looks like a ghetto building which has been abandoned. The black and white effect is perfect for this piece. Beautiful

  4. Just trying to guess what when went on here. The black and white effect suited it. It turns out classic

  5. All windows and entrance closed, making it a dark room. Lovely concept and the effect make it look weird

  6. I think this is an apartment type building. It looks old or maybe it’s just the filter.

  7. How is it that black and white pictures just make every subject look so dramatic? The addition of the graffiti makes everything even more mysterious. Like, I wonder what the building was before being becoming like this in the present kind of thing.

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