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Pull My Chain

Pull My ChainMarch 2012

11 responses to “Pull My Chain”

  1. Life itself has some circumstances that allows something certain things to perform effectively. Pulling this chain should bring up light, and also put out the light.

  2. I wonder if that light bulb still works. It’s mostly plastic light switches nowadays, but I do remember the time when light bulbs are lit up by pulling on their attached chains. I had a lamp that used the same future.

  3. Such light bulbs are becoming rarer and rarer by the day. Most people use the energy saving bulbs.

  4. It’s very rare that you can see a light bulb switch like this today. It’s clearly an antique one.

  5. To put the light on, we need to pull the chain, that’s right even in our lives to make things happen, we must pull something out and push in what we need.

  6. We all use this model of light bulb in the house up to now. The only con is if you are not tall enough to reach the switch he he. I should know.

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