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Puppies Of Letchworth


17 responses to “Puppies Of Letchworth”

  1. I do have a pet but I am not that hardcore into dogs. I admit though puppies are cute. My friends are dog lovers. They would love this.

  2. Puppies are such purest creatures. They do know how to make everything alright in this world, making you always happy when they’re around you. Not a lot of other things could do that.

  3. I love dogs but I can’t keep one..puppies have this innocent look I just love..great pictures

  4. Its interesting that the house is in shatters but the photos look so new. Nature must have protected it.

  5. I love the way thees puppies are organized. The person who took the photos was passionate about them.

  6. Really cute puppies! I wish I wasn’t allergic to dogs or pets in general. 🙁

  7. I love puppies and anything about them interest me. They were really arranged for this shot. it a shot well taken.

  8. Puppies of life, my love for puppies and their weird kind of play. This photo just reminded me of dead puppies.

  9. The photos are beautifully done and nicely organized. Just looking at the photo melts my heart.

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