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Purple Haze

Purple Haze


29 responses to “Purple Haze”

  1. You really have an eye for colors. The clouds looks amazing in purple. Love it!

  2. The color gave this shot a unique look. I know you love to play with colors. This one is nice

  3. The color exhibits an exceptional appearance. I am aware you adore colors.

  4. This beautiful sky seems to be preparing for a nice storm, although the day is clear and sunny.

  5. Good and cool photograph. The colors are well integrated. Your talent is purely define.

  6. Seriously, is that the colour of the sky or the effects made it purple? Cool though, I will like to learn photography from you Thomas

  7. Looks like billions of purple angel’s breath of flowers up in the air. I really love it Tom.

  8. So much details on one photo. From the purple sky to the background hills to all these trees. It’s amazing.

  9. This can be used in movies, looks like a perfect effect. Nice aria shot, just beautiful

  10. Amazing picture, the sky looks very impressive and has a perfect contrast with the mountains.

  11. The sky does have a purple tinge to it. This is something you don’t see everyday!

  12. The only thing missing from this shot is a river. As someone already pointed out, it is a slice of paradise on earth!

  13. The landscape mode was perfect for this shot. The entire scene has been captured beautifully.

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