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Quiet Drive

May 2017

9 responses to “Quiet Drive”

  1. This looks quiet but beauty with the way so open and the background color very beautiful too. I personally love the photo.

  2. Wow..nice photograph. I personally like the colour combination.. The blue colour of the hills is just amazing…I love this photograph

  3. I wonder if this quiet drive leads anyway. The color combination is just good makes the photo really looks like what it should really be.

  4. I love the battered yellow line on this road. This pic definitely has a quiet feel to it and totally resembles driving with its view and positioning. Thanks for sharing!

  5. I love this picture of a road. The yellow center stands out. Life goes on as the picture is saying.

  6. Focusing the light on the center made this picture very subdue. It gives me a dreaded destination this road leads.

  7. I also love taking pictures of a quiet road. I live in a city that’s why when I travel and I see an empty road I always feel a feeling of peace.

  8. This scenery is very beautiful and relaxing. A long drive with this kind of road will make you forget about the world.

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