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Railroad To Hell (Edit)

Railroad To Hell (Edit)

April 2008

17 responses to “Railroad To Hell (Edit)”

  1. Seriously this is how most railroads in my area is, poorly maintained and abandoned. I’m sure this isn’t suitable for any rail.

  2. This is a Billions of dollar project abandoned. I think it should be but back to life since rails transportation is still relevant.

  3. Very nostalgic picture, the old blak railroad and the dry trees gives the sensation of loneliness.

  4. The picture very nostalgic, the pld roads surrended by the dry trees give a sensation of loneliness.

  5. It looks like an old railroad track, I wonder if the trains still use it. Because it would be sad not to be able to admire the landscapes from the train.

  6. It looks like it has been abandoned for a long time. And maybe because this route is no longer used so there is no maintenance at all.

  7. That might be a stretch depending on what lies at the end of it I suppose. Reminds me of home since trains are still used here. Pretty intriguing!!!

  8. I do hope this rail track served its purpose properly. I am pretty sure people who built this are very proud because this railroad still stands today.

  9. This is hell looking then, I wish the rail track in my community is still functional. it will be helpful for transport.

  10. This railroad is so unkept and unmaintained. I think the government needs a revisit here.

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