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Read The Writing On The Walls

Read The Writing On The Walls


11 responses to “Read The Writing On The Walls”

  1. I cant even rap my head over the meaning from this picture. All I can say is the black and white used is up notch….really made it nice

  2. This is vandalism but if there is a wall like this near me I would always go there. We need more places like these where we can let off some steam. I have seen one on T. V before.

  3. These writings are so not clear, can just see some scribbles that can’t be read. But it still a heart warming photo

  4. Sometimes it’s quite amusing reading graffiti on the walls. Make for some quality gems from time to time.

  5. I don’t like the writing on the wall, it looks very dull and messy. But if the picture on the wall has another story. It will be a beautiful art for me, if done right by the artists.

  6. The writing seems good and clear. You got the shot rightly. Meanings derived from the writings on the walls are for the wise ones.

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