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Recovery From Hurricane Irene

Main Street, Middleburgh, New York, United States

August 30, 2011

26 responses to “Recovery From Hurricane Irene”

  1. I have never witnessed a hurricane, but it must be terrifying to be in the situation of the people who experience it and who face it with great courage.

  2. Very good recovery I would say. If I did not know any better I would not have known that a tornado ravaged this town. A very outstanding job!!!!

  3. You can never escape natural disasters, I mean no one’s ever really prepared for it to happen with this photo back in 2011 it all looks so much simpler. I can’t believe its been a decade after the hurricane we’re facing a pandemic right now where hundreds and thousands of people were killed. Makes you think does it?

  4. I just pray every places that witness this disaster are protected and supported by authorities. I feel their pains

  5. Our area has been flooded recently due to heavy rains that lasted almost a week. I can still remember the damage it has given us.

  6. Damages this would have caused would have been much. Water is even more dangerous than fire, I was shocked seeing the damage water did last year.

  7. I’ve heard that hurricanes can be very destructive, I feel really bad for people who are fecuently exposed to this type of disaster.

  8. Hurricane Irene has come and gone with some devastatating effects. I hope people that witness were evacuated to safety

  9. Wow, so much exemplified in one shot. The bursting water adds an exciting feel to it. Thanks for sharing!

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