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Red Leaf

Red Leaf

December 2019

18 responses to “Red Leaf”

  1. Very regal leaf. I really like that you included a hand holding it in the shot and the natural outdoor setting. Thanks for sharing.

  2. A red leaf, it signifies a lot of things. The colour of a leaf generally say a lot about nature or the weather condition at a particular time. This is a nice shot and thanks for sharing.

  3. This red leaf makes me remember red rose I once got. This post must brought me memory on something special. Thanks for this clean output picture.

  4. It looks life a leaf clover to me and that is cool. I do not know what kind of camera did you use but if it can make leaves look this good keep them coming. Very elegant and radiant take.

  5. This almost resemble a maple leaf, but I like this one more because it color isn’t too red,just something mild which look cool.

  6. Is that a red leaf… I can’t clearly confirm it between brown and red because I’m color blind :). But a good picture, focus on a leaf with blur on the background.

  7. I wish we could have autumn where I live so I could also see red and yellow leaves, and especially beautiful red leaves like that in the picture. You are really lucky to be born in a place that has 4 seasons.

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